Friday, June 7, 2013

Cutting Cabinet Melamine Board Without Chipping It

You will find special techniques that people use within your cabinet-fabricating niche for cutting Melamine board to ensure that it doesn't nick. With no correct rotor blades or tools, chipping will occur. Melamine board can be used for a lot of different cabinet parts-including doorways, shelves and drawers. Some shops apply it everything except the foot kick areas.

If you're cutting on the saw, you will find two options you've for cutting the board with minimal chipping. You won't have the ability to yield perfectly clean, nick-free surfaces on sides from the board unless of course you've got a double-bladed saw. They often cost over 15-1000 dollars. If you're just undertaking a "do-it-yourself" project, you might have a couple of small chips to deal with.

Sharp Rotor blades
The very first method requires that you've a recently-sharp saw edge inside your machine. You will want to adjust your edge to ensure that it just slices the top board about one-eighth to 1- quarter inch. Practice on the couple of bits of Melamine before dealing with the particular cabinet-making materials. Adjust the peak from the edge until you are receiving a clear cut on sides from the board. You need to push your material gradually with the cutter the reduced you chop, the less chips you'll have.

Reverse-Rake Edge
This can be a special saw cutter that's created for making clean cuts on sides of Melamine board. This isn't an inexpensive item to increase your assortment of tools. So if you're likely to just use it once, you might consider doing another thing.

Using Hiding Tape (not suggested)
You are able to mark wherever the edge is going to be cutting your cabinet Melamine board after which convey a strip of hiding tape within the area along the side of the board that will normally be chipping throughout the cut. This may even work fairy well. The greatest downside of using any tape would be that the stickiness can make difficulty when creating your cuts. Be cautious if you choose to do this method- it's not so safe.

Other techniques of creating clean cuts on Melamine board include using table saws which have two rotor blades after which cutting two boards previously.

Special saws which have two rotor blades are extremely costly. Most mid-to-large sized bathroom and kitchen cabinet manufacturers have these type saws. Should you just have a couple of bits of Melamine cut cleanly on sides, you should think about seeing a large cabinet shop in your town and getting them cut the types of materials for you personally.

Cutting two Melamine boards at the same time is only going to provide you with one board that won't be chipped on sides. Among the boards will nick on one for reds.

Based upon the colour from the material you're dealing with, you might have the ability to cover within the chips with some form of filler. We use whitened "Seam Fill" on our whitened Melamine boards that will get small chips inside them. This liquid material was created for repairing seams in Formica plastic laminate. Seam Fill is a superb option for filling out chipped areas on Melamine.

You will find a number of ways of hiding the chips too. If you're cutting shelves, you can put the chips either around the upwards or downwards sides so that they can't be seen. If you're building drawers from the Melamine, you are able to make certain that you simply put the clean cut side within the drawers. If you work with the fabric for cupboard doorways, gradually alter obtain the cleanest cut as you possibly can on sides.

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